Sault Ste. Marie to North Bay, Onatario!


Ontario you are an amazing province to cycle through.


Thank you so much to Mel and Jim for an amazing stay in Echo Bay. I had been itching to get into a kayak this whole trip and I finally had the opportunity when we went out to the camp. I biked across the lake, took a nap in the sun and then headed back in the evening. When I walked up to cabin supper was put together and waiting for me. I had a delicious meal followed by a few beers. When supper was all finished Jimmy, his friend and myself all headed out in the boat to troll the lake for some fish. I came out empty handed but it was a peaceful way to spend the crisp evening, drifting up and down the lake enjoying the sights and sounds of a beautiful Northern Ontario sunset. After fishing we packed up the camp and were just about to head back to their house when I realized I had dropped my Debit card. I gave up hope in finding it after the first five minutes and started the process of assuring myself that I could make it to Ottawa with out it. Mel would not let me give up and her and Jim rolled out the flashlights and ATV for extra luminary power. Finally after 15 more minutes of searching I spotted on the ground behind the truck. What a relief. This was an example of the lengths these people would go in order to help me out and I was very grateful. We headed back and went to sleep for the night, not before some fresh hand picked strawberries however.

The following morning I woke up from a deep slumber (this often happens when I am placed in a bed rather then my tent) and walked into the kitchen to find Mel already up putting together omelettes for breakfast with fresh fruit, toast and homemade jam on the table. I had what felt like a feast in comparison to my usual morning dishes and started packing my bicycle in order to hit the road before it was too late in the morning. Before I was to leave I was shown even more hospitality by these two amazing people when I was given a bag containing all sorts of delicious snacks as well as a couple fillets of lake trout and last but not least a hefty bag of frozen deer meat from Jim.

Thanks again!

I’ll make it to Halifax on all of this food!



Another great spot to pitch a tent for the night in Serpent River, ON.


In Sudbury. ON I was met with more great hospitality by Pat and Rach who stuffed my things into their car and drove me from Tim Hortons to their place in Markstay. The next morning they woke up and drove me all the way back to the same Tim Hortons to respect my mission of biking every foot of the road across the country.

Crazy Frenchman.


One comment on “Sault Ste. Marie to North Bay, Onatario!

  1. Evan Denne says:

    ill tell roxanne my sister to let you stay at her place 😉

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